Ghyslain Octeau-Piché

Esteemed by his clients and colleagues for his integrity, discretion and skill, Ghyslain revealed his entrepreneurial spirit and natural talent for business and negotiation early in life. He founded his first enterprise at the age of twelve, selling chocolate door to door. He then stayed in the door to door business until he was 19yrs old, before moving on to his real passion: Real Estate.

Ghyslain relies on both his interpersonal skills and his technical knowledge to conclude successful transactions. Excellent negotiator, paying meticulous attention to the marketing aspect with a view to give emphasis to the property you wish to sell, Ghyslain manages each and every stage of a sale with an expert hand. If there were to be only one strong point to portray Ghyslain, it would no doubt be his unfailing driving force.

Honesty, enthusiasm and tact are all part of Ghyslain’s personal attributes which are equally assets that he will profitably apply to give you the best results possible.

With great ambition and a boundless passion for real estate, Ghyslain also demonstrates great understanding for his cleints needs.

Using the latest computer technologies and with a constant presence on social networks, you will have a remarkable visibility and a dedicated service.

Intensely involved in the community, genuinely committed to his values and to your full satisfaction, Ghyslain sees each transaction as a challenge to overcome and the key to his success is being fully and relentlessly dedicated

Team Octeau’s expertise combined with Keller Williams image? Your property can not be in better hands

Get in touch with Ghyslain: by phone : 514-266-3949 • By email

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